If you are looking for a stylish and functional Oakley sunglass for active outdoor wear, we recommend that you come in and try the Prizm™ range. These wraparound sports frames are made with a special polymer that is designed to increase its grip when wet. This makes it the perfect frame for outdoor activities such as trail running or mountain biking. Prizm™ sunglasses are available with a massive variety of lens tints to suit your activities. The advanced lens technology in Prizm™ lenses enhances colour, contrast, and brightness while ensuring UV and blue light protection for your eyes during wear.

For those who prefer to wear sunglasses for leisure, we offer the popular wayfarer-style Frogskin range. These frames are both durable and lightweight which allow for comfortable all day wear. To give maximum protection to your eyes the lenses are polarised to block harmful UV sunlight and blue light from digital screens.