Home Visits

Home visits

If you currently live in a residential care home or are registered housebound, we can provide a domiciliary service for you. We like to ensure that patients who cannot make it to the practice still receive first rate eyecare service. Please be mindful, however, that you receive a more comprehensive eye examination at the practice. Domiciliary services are available to private and NHS patients alike.

If you or a relative would like to arrange for a home visit, please phone the practice on 01691 65 58 58 and we will make an appointment to come out and see you.

A home eye examination is carried out in much the same way as an examination at the practice. Our optometrist will examine the health of your eyes and check your prescription. If your prescription has changed or your current spectacles are in bad shape, the optometrist may recommend an updated pair of spectacles. A range of spectacle frames will be brought to your home for you to look at on the same time that you have your eye examination. Our dispensing optician will help you choose a frame and lenses that meet your requirements in terms of lifestyle, comfort, aesthetic, and cost. When the new spectacles are ready we will contact you to arrange a day for us to re-visit you at home so that they can be expertly fitted for you.