Reglaze Service

Reglaze service

When faced with a change in prescription you may not bear the thought of parting with your favourite specs frame. If this is the case, we do offer a reglaze service whereby we put new lenses into your existing frame. Although a reglaze means you can keep your favourite frame, the process of fitting new lenses can cause the frame to weaken and be more susceptible to breakages.

The average lifespan of a frame is approximately two years which is why by the time you attend your eye examination we may recommend that you opt for new frames if the optometrist has issued a new prescription. The reason for this is that if we do reglaze a frame you have already used we will not necessarily be able to source an identical frame should your own frame break. This is because the frame may have been discontinued and, as such, out of stock from the supplier. Also, please note that there is no warranty for reglazed spectacles.