Repairs & Specs MOT


Lost a side? Need a replacement nose pad? Just call in with your spectacles and we can sort out minor repairs on site, or arrange for replacement frame parts to be ordered for you.

On the rare occasion that a spare part needs to be acquired, replacement frames and frame parts can usually be obtained and fitted within 3 working days so you needn’t be without your spectacles for too long. When a repair has been carried out, we will ensure that the spectacles are comfortable and you are happy with the repair when you come in to collect them.

Specs MOT

As a patient of ours, we believe you deserve to have spectacles that look good and feel comfortable all the time. Just call in if you would like your spectacles to be adjusted at all. Whenever we adjust your spectacles we will provide a new pair of nosepads where needed, check and tighten all screws, and clean and polish the spectacles to make them look as new. If you are registered with us this service is of course free of charge.